Retirement Planner

Monthly Income Required (Current Value)
Years left for Retirement(Years)
Inflation Expected upto retirement(%)
% Increase in Investments/year
Return Expected(%) from Investments before retirement
Total Retirement years
Inflation Expected during retirement(%)
Return Expected(%) from Investments during retirement

EXAMPLE : Robert is 30 yrs old who wants to retire at 60 and expects to live till 85 . If he retires today , he would require Rs 30,000 per month. His numbers for the retirement calculator would be :

Monthly Income Required (Current Value) : 30,000
Years left for Retirement(Years) : 30 (Retirement year - Current age)
Inflation Expected upto retirement(%) : 7% (This is personal , he expects inflation to be around 7% for next 30 yrs.
% Increase in Investments/year : He wants to increase his investments per year by 8% as he expects 8% salary increase per year.
Return Expected from Investments before retirement : For next 30 yrs he expects that his investment returns can be 12%
Total Retirement years : This will be 25 , as he expects to live upto 85 , so total 25 yrs of retirement life
Inflation Expected during retirement(%) : He expects inflation to be around 5% as India will be a developed economy
Return Expected from Investments during retirement : During retirement he expects that his investments will return 9% .