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Find out how it impacts you if your investment is delayed for some years

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Future Wealth (without Delay)


Future Wealth (with delay of 5 yrs)


You will create 50% less wealth

To reach same wealth level, you will have to do an SIP of ₹ 1,00,656

What is Cost of Delay?

Cost of Delay means how much cost a person needs to pay if the investment is delayed for some years. Thorough this calculator we will actually understand the impact of delaying our systematic investment by certain years. The reality is that even small delays can make huge impact in our wealth in long-term. The secret to being wealthy is not always making big decisions but also making small decisions like not delaying your SIP and starting right now.

Why people delay "INVESTMENTS"?

Many people even after earning a good amount of salary are not able to save money because of the following reasons –

  • Savings is not the priority
  • Unnecessary Spending
  • Lavish Lifestyle
  • Huge Debts
  • Fear of loosing money

What will happen if you delay your investments?

Wealth will not be generated – Yes, you heard it right. If you delay your investments then you won’t be able to generate wealth. For example, Ram saves Rs 1000 every month, where as Shyam doesn’t save a single penny. If you compare with both of them Ram was able to generate wealth because he saved continuously for a period of time but shyam couldn’t because he spent whatever he had.

Constant fear of an uncertain future – A person who doesn’t save has always a constant fear in their lives. They fear about what action they will take if their is a sudden unexpected even in life which requires a good amount of money. Even with this fear still they over look their situation and continue to spend like never before. These people have an attitude of looking at things as everything will be alright if they will have to face such kind of situation in life. .

No peace of mind – Life is always unexpected. No one can predict what will happen the next second of our life. With such unpredictability we tend to take huge risk in life by not investing for our future. If we come across an event in our life which requires huge sum of money then we will lose our peace of our mind.

We will go seek help of our family and friends to arrange that money because we do not have our savings. If they cannot help us then with no choice in hand we will have to take loan with high interest. The time and energy spent in arranging money will leave with no peace of mind.

Chances of getting into Debt Trap is very high – As we have not saved a single penny in our life, what we will do in an emergency situation? Have you thought of this? What option you will be left with if your family and friends also doesn’t help? The only option you are left with is to take a loan by paying high interest. Even after taking loan for this situation, will you again take loan and pay high interest.

Even if you take loan but only thing constant here is that you have now developed a habit of taking loan because it is easy for you to get. But you forget every time before taking the loan is that you have not got trapped into taking loan for every situation. You are not trapped into a vicious cycle where it is very difficult for you to get out of this.

Benefits of starting Early Investment

There are various benefits of investing early. Let us see few of them –

a) You can see the power of compounding well when you invest money for a longer period of time, say 10 yrs and more.

b) You develop a habit of saving in life with early investment.

c) By investing early one can improve the quality and standard of life because there are very less chances that an early investor will be caught in the trap of over spending in future.

d) Investing early can help an individual to secure their’s as well as their’s families future.

Why one should save for future?

Saving for future should be everyone’s top priority because of the uncertain future. If we don not save for our future then it is very likely that we will fall under the debt trap. And one’s we fall under debt trap then it will be very difficult to come out of it.

Let us see various scenarios where why we need to save for future –

  1. Job Loss
  2. Uncertain Medical Condition
  3. Kids Marriage
  4. Kids Higher Education
  5. Purchasing own House
  6. Luxurious Car
  7. Starting your own Business
  8. Retirement
  9. Luxurious Abroad Vacation
  10. Any Pandemic Situation

A Short Video explaining Cost of Delay