Yield Vs Reversionary Bonus

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My insurance agent is saying that company has given a yield of 8 % average till date which he claims is the Reversionary Bonus. My understanding is Reversionary Bonus and yield are two very different things. Can you please clarify.

What is the average payout of Reversionary Bonus for gaurenteed plan which invest in govt securities. (I am looking at Max insurance College plan for my 1 yr old daughter)

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  1. Yeild is in a way the FINAL RETURN , or IRR if you want to understand it that way .

    Reversanary bonus is the bonus declared each year depending on the profitability . Now the point here is that if it was LIC, you were more secure because you can rely on LIC profitability based on its performance from so many decades, but with Max NewYork Life , I would not like to rely on its profitability at all .

    I dont think its a good call to invest with them from bonus point of view. You can understand more about the reversinary bonus here – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2011/08/lic-policies.html

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