Wrong TDS certificate issued by Bank

POSTED BY Vishal Kulshrestha ON July 10, 2012 12:37 pm ONE COMMENT

SBI has issued form 16A against the tax deducted on my Fixed Deposits interest paid to me.

1. Amount shown in form 16A is not matching with the acutal interest paid to me by the bank.
2.TDS calculations are also used different % at different deductions.

Being Tax deducted seems to be on higher side then the actual one as well as wrong earning of intetest has been shown in the certificate how to go ahead and file the ITR.

I’d requested bank to clarify the details of interest as per ther record as their records also not matching with the statement of Fixed deposits, but no responce is received.

Pls suggest how to proceed and resolve the problem.

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  1. Dear Vishal, can you provide the exact nos. from all sides. I mean Bank’s as well as 26AS.



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