Written Off status in CIBIL with 18 lacs of outstanding !

POSTED BY Sidy ON February 19, 2015 4:30 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi – I had a horrid past (2003 to 2008) due to bad friendship and then IT recession and to sum it up.. a bad family life which ended in a DIVORCE!

Having said the above, I have tried to pay off, settle most of my cards and loans but I see 3 of the credit cards that show as Written Off and the total Outstanding is crazily HIGH. For eg. A card that had limit of 48000 INT in 2003 is showing total outstanding as 18,00,000 Lakhs now!! 🙁 But written off amount is 50,000

Please advise what do I need to do with these 3 written off cards!! They were written off in Nov 2014.

Having said the above, I currently have no loans since last 4 years and I use 4 credit cards for which I pay very regularly.

Please advise!

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  1. Hi, I would suggest you to talk to the customer care of the respective card companies. Only contacting the card companies can help you sort this problem.

    If you have any other query related to credit cards, then visit creditnation website or their facebook page.

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