Will Education Loan reflect in CIBIL Report ?

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I have taken Education Loan of 3 Lakhs four years back from PSU bank and I haven’t paid any interest still now due to Family problem. Although, I havent got any letter or call from bank regarding the repayment. I am willing to start my repayment this year. Will it affect my credit history. Also, will it get updated in CIBIL. Also, banker is telling they can extend the tenure to 3 more years due to my family problem. Will this have any effect in my credit history. Kindly clarify.

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  1. rajesh says:

    Hi Sir,
    i have an education loan of 5 lacs but my father pays for it(he uses that in tax benefit too)
    i am planning to buy a house, do i have to declare the education loan while applying for house loan when i don’t give the EMI?
    The cibil shows that i have the education loan

    1. No, you dont have to declare that because you are not paying EMI.

  2. kaushik says:

    I have a cibil score of 547,will I be eligible for education loan 0f 5 lacs

    1. I dont think so .. its going to be tough with the score like 547

  3. sohan agarwa says:

    Sir have taken loan november 2014 amount 2.5 lakh naw i start paying 4000 frm november 2016 so my qes its any effect on my cibil score plz reply

  4. Prabhu says:

    i got education loan Rs.110000 in 2009 and i cant make my EMI properly. I closed my loan 140000 full payment in 2016. Does it affect my CIBIL score.

    1. If you have paid fully, then it will be closed with CLOSE remarks. But if you have not paid EMI on time, it might go into your DND section.

  5. spoorthi says:

    Hi.. I took education loan in 2009 of amount 204000 now its rs 360000, now am planning for settlement.. Agm of corporation bank telling its not come under cibil report..
    How it possible can anybody explain..

  6. jitheshani says:

    I have completed my course in 2010 as well. And started repaying in April 2011. Then I had some defaults in early 2012 but cleared around Sep 2012. After clearing when I applied for a personal loan it got rejected because of poor CIBIL score since it will take some time to get the CIBIL score changed/improved.

    And I haven’t submitted PAN card to the bank yet, but still it got reflected 🙂

    The information I got from my bank(Federal Bank) is that they usually reports the data to CIBIL once in a quarter. Since I have defaulted for 3 months in a row, they reported. So get the CIBIL report and check your score.

    The outstanding amount for your loan might have touched at least 4.5 lakhs by now. So plan and start repaying asap.

    Jithesh L

  7. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Loan, even without PAN card, there are other common parameters to match your name, father’s name, D.o.B., address. Please get clarity on the subject from your br. manager.



  8. loan says:

    Also during the Loan process, i did not furnish my PAN card. I have submitted other proof. So in this case, is there a possibility of updating in CIBIL.

  9. loan says:

    @Manish Chauhan: Thanks manish for your reply. I will discuss this with Branch Manager and regarding the Credit history in CIBIL do you have any answers for that.

  10. loan says:

    @Jitheshani: I was told by someone that the tenure for Educational Loan is 7 years and only at the end of it, if loan is not repayed bank will report default in CIBIL. Is that true. 2010 my course completed.

  11. I think you should discuss this with the bank . Are they renewing the tenure with out any conditions . Or is it just a verbal communication ?

    Talk to bank manager telling them your exact concern and better take a written thing on this.


  12. jitheshani says:

    Yes, Education Loan Default will also affect CIBIL Score. But Regarding the interest payment, it is not mandatory to pay during the course. One year after course completion, the bank will start reporting the default to CIBIL.

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