Why are people scared of choosing healh insurance?

POSTED BY krshma ON November 21, 2014 1:16 pm COMMENTS (2)

I want to invest..

Why Indians are afraid of buying health insurance? Investing in insurance plans is worth it?

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  1. Lokesh Jain says:

    Good Answer Manish.

    Thought would like to add the 1st option given by you is the primary reason for the people holding to buying a health insurance plan. And thats more of because INSURANCE is SOLD in INDIA, rather it should be BOUGHT by people as more of a necessity. Mis – selling is rampant, people (even graduate or post graduate people like us) fall into the trap of wrong products. That is something that should be curtailed by companies and also the government.



  2. First you don’t invest in INSURANCE plan . I say that because there is no assured return in money from due to it .

    Indians are not scared of buying health insurance, In my experience they are either

    1. Not able to relate to its benefits because of low level of understanding about its benefits and its requirement in their life

    2. They are scared of choosing the WRONG product or not the best product , hence they DONT CHOOSE at all and keep delaying it 🙂

    This is what my experience says ..


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