Who is liable to pay Property Tax in the first year in Pune – Builder or Me ?

POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON February 13, 2014 1:43 pm COMMENTS (5)

I got the possession of my house in Oct 2013 . I got property tax bill in my letter box some days back which says bill is Rs 9,034 . Now I have 3 questions

1. The bill still have the builder name (company name) and not mine . So who is liable to pay the bill ?

2. When I went online to check the dues, I saw that it said ”

No Dues for this Property upto 31 – Mar – 2014

I assume the builder main office has paid the bill, but did not inform me on this , so online it says that no dues, but I am not sure how to find that offline .

Does any one has any idea how it works ?

Note, I am specifically talking about Pune , Maharastra . In the bill , there is a specific property ID , which which I can find out the dues status


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  1. Raja says:

    If you ask the builder, he will always tell you to pay. Even if he pays, he will still claim it from you as your agreement would most probably have the clause like ‘all taxes etc etc would be borne by the purchaser’

    Why not check with the pune tax office for bill against your flat, whether it is paid or not. If not paid, you can pay it. Doesn’t matter when you took possession. Property tax starts when completion certificate is received. In any case since the property is in your name, you will have to pay the property tax no matter when you take possession.

    1. ok , thats what I wanted to know , Actually builder has asked me to pay it directly online or by going to the tax department office . He is not asking me to pay him directly .

      Will find it out 🙂 . Thanks for help !

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Manish, first of all please confirm with the builder. In all probability tghe tax has been paid around June-August period. Only after your builder’s response we can say anything.



    1. I went to the office and the guy there asked me to pay it myself because he said that now the possession is with me , so tax should be paid by me (I have lived after OCT) , But I sensed some thing fishy and then tried to investigate on this .

      Let me also put a mail to official email id of the builder .


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