Who can call himself or herself a financial planner in India?

POSTED BY divya.advisor ON February 16, 2014 1:54 pm COMMENTS (2)

Are there any guidelines / rules/ regulations regarding who can call himself/herself a financial planner?

I have cleared exams to get insurance agency and mutual fund distribution. I am a MBA in finance so my question is can I start putting financial planner on my visiting card. If I do that will I be violating any regulation say from SEBI or  any other regulatory organization.

I know people with my certifications call them selves as financial planner, can they do so?

PS: I understand the value of CFP I will try to do it, but my question is it a must as far as rules and regulations are concerned.

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  1. divya.advisor says:

    Thanks ashalanshu

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Divya, as you are already a life insurance agent as well as MF agent, you are out of SEBI’s RIA – Registered Investment Advisor. Interestingly as per SEBI, all the person who are offering financial planning/advisory/wealth management services, should be registered with it as RIA. Some exceptions are there who are need not to register. You being Insurance agent as well as MF agent are one of those exception.

    If you feel that putting Financial Planner word in your Visiting card ‘ll add some value for your business, you can put it. No legal problem for you.



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