Which term insurance do you suggest me as per my income. And Term-Insurance linked to Index???

POSTED BY Anubhav Saini ON June 30, 2013 2:16 am COMMENTS (5)


I have been reading this forum lately as i have been awakened to backup my future from the day.

I am thinking of buying a Term-Insurance, my income is 3.3L annually and my wife 2.2Lac annually. I am 26 now, which Term Insurance do you suggest.

1. After reading few blogs and few articles online, i came to conclusion 1CR would be good amnt for me and 50Lac fror my wife. Kindly suggest me some good insurance policies and amount as per my income.

2. Also I read in EconomicTimes, “If you must go for such plans, opt for either a 10% annual increase or an index-linked one,” says Cartwright.” What is this, as when i contacted policy bazar the guy told me for Term Indurance sum amount is fixed at the time you buy the policy and will remin the same…??

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  1. Dear Anubhav, @ 3.3L Rs. yly salary, at beast you may get 50-60L Rs. cover only as of now. You can increase your cover later on depending upon your liabilities at that time.



  2. Anubhav Saini says:

    Also I want to ask… what essential points should I know before buying my term insurance… like what all checkpoints should I confirm before taking a policy…

    1. choose an insurer you are comfortable with
      ensure you enter correct details and are entirely honest while applying.
      Be sure of the insurance amt.

      That is it.

  3. Anubhav Saini says:

    Thanks for your help dude… 🙂

  4. There is no need to buy term insurance with increasing cover. Choose the insurance as per current lifestyle and taking into account your future goals (childrens education marriage)

    Then start investing an adequate amount toward retirement. The increase in your networth will offset the increase in expenses due to inflation.

    Choose online insurance from an insurer who is established (say at least 10 years old)

    You can check you insurance requirement here


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