Which option should be taken…

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Hi Manish,
Ashal and others pls advise…
My friend wants to invest Rs 9 lakhs in Hdfc Prudence fund..Time horizon is 4 years..He has 3 options…
1.Invest Lumpsum in HDFC Prudence as per his agents advise..

2.Should he invest lumsum or should he go for a SIP of Rs 18750 per month for 4 yrs years?

3..Inves these Rs 9 Lakhs in HDFC liquid fund and do STP (systematic transfer plan ) of Rs 18750 per month to HDFC Prudence for the next 4 yrs.

and lastly should he opt for growth option or divident reinvestment…

Pls suggest what option shud He take and any other advise?


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  1. Dear Shiraz, please answer the questions asked by me in the similar query.



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