which bank is better in Home loan

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  1. Uma says:

    I saw lot of reviews which had bad reviews for icici bank for home loan. But now i want to know wheather they are better because rbi has become strict this year.

    when rbi reduces the rates do they reduce rate immediately
    hidden charges is their a problem with them
    how is the post loan sanction customer care.
    can we be peacefull after taking their loan with them.
    If we prepay will they give bck the documents on time.

    1. Dear Uma, no matter it’s ICICI or any other bank, if your home loan is a base rate linked loan, you ‘ll get the benefit interest reduction as & when it happens. Actually there are no hidden charges but our eagerness to get loan as early as possible, blinds us to discuss the charges & penalties if any. Post loan customer care is fine for my personal experience, can’t say how it ‘ll be for you in future. Please be aware of all the T&C of your loan to remain peaceful. Yes, the documents ‘ll be handed over to you in 21-25 days time. Actual time ‘ll be lower than this but I’m quoting a higher time frame for that peacefulness.



  2. Dear Uma, what’s the question? Can you explain a bit your exact requirement?



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