Which bank Credit Card is good?

POSTED BY Mohan ON April 8, 2013 6:21 pm COMMENTS (4)

I want to take a credit card of a bank which can give a credit limit of one lakh and above. I won’t be using that regularly but only at times of emergency.

Pls suggest a good bank credit card and also provide some info about any charges(like maintenance charges etc) will hold even if i use or not.

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  1. Dear Mohan, instead of searching here & there for the best card, please opt the card from the bank where you are having an existing relationship. Regarding the credit limit of 1L Rs. it ‘ll depend upon your income, CIBIL score, bank’s policy etc. so I can not comment that you ‘ll be able or not to get a limit of 1L Rs.



    1. Ashish says:

      Dear Mohan,

      With my personal experience, I find SBI Gold & More card and Stan Cart Titanium Super Value pretty good.


  2. Chethan S says:

    I would suggest you to check Jagoinvestor article ‘Best Credit Card in India – Review of top 6 cards’ (http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/07/best-credit-card-in-india-review.html) which was based on a survey. It was published in July 2012.

    In the post Manish has also written about factors to be considered while choosing a credit card. User testimonials are also included. The popularity of the article is evident from the fact that comments are coming till this day.

  3. Using a credit card in times of emergency is a very bad idea. The credit limit is governed by your credit history and financial situation and will be determined by the issuer. I had one by SBI sometime back (silver card) and nothing to complain. Citibank offers many cards and you can negotiate a zero maintenance charge after a while. I am sure there are better offers.
    As long as you can pay in full before due date, it doesn’t matter where you get it from.

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