Where to invest the money in lumpsum

POSTED BY Krishna ON January 29, 2011 11:10 am COMMENTS (2)



Can anyone help me i deciding where to invest the lumpsump moneyaround 50k -75k. Goal is to generate the money required for my daugther’s education currently she is one year old. I am confused between balanced fund like HDFC Prudence,Diversified Fund or POMIS or MIP’s.



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  1. Krishna says:


    I need this money for her degree education.Yes I do agree today’s school feess is too high. I cannot afford that much for lower education i will select aschool according to my affordability.


  2. Ramesh says:

    When do you require that money to be used?

    Reason for asking is that nowadays, even for admission to schools requires a large donation/”other names”.

    If you think you will need that money in 2-3 years, go for a equity-hybrid fund.
    Otherwise, get a simple diversified equity fund and invest in it as and when funds are available.


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