Where to Invest 1 Lakh yearly to get Pension after 10 yrs ?

POSTED BY Sushil ON February 6, 2015 12:58 pm NO COMMENTS

Friends, I have an agriculture income nearly 1 Lakh per year that i get in May End Every year. I want to invest this amount regularly every year.

I want to invest in such a way that whatever i invest in 2015 ..i dont need till 2025….

and then next year whatever i invest in 2016..i dont need till 2026…..

Meaning…every year i want to invest for 10 years……

from 10th year onwards every year i start getting maturity amount of my investment that was made 10 years ago. and then Re-Invest this amount + original amount of that year again for next 10 years.

So keeping in mind my above requirement please suggest me where i can invest this amount……

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