Where to get the Mutual funds information from

POSTED BY Ravi L ON August 13, 2013 10:18 am COMMENTS (6)

Hello all,

Where do online websites like ValueResearchOnline, moneycontrol, etc  get the Mutual fund informaiton (updated NAVs, portfolios, etc) from? Is there any central server from where they get the information? If I have to get those udpates, what should I do?




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  1. BanyanFA says:

    Whats your objective. Perhaps based upon the objective I may have a solution for you.

    1. Ravi L says:


      I was mostly thinking to capture the following information on my mutual funds portfolio by writing a software tool:

      – How many stocks my total portfolio contains with percentages
      – How does the value of over all portfolio change based on changes in the stock allocations (per quarter, say).
      – How was my portfolio “x” months back and how is it now (again, total value, stocks, etc)
      – How much overlapped are my mutual funds

      I could do few of these in some of the websites, but couldnt find a website which gives me all of these. It would be great if you can help me to find these.

  2. If you just need the NAV for current date , as mentioned by Genoa , you can get it from that link which he pasted, but if you need every detail plus , the future updates , its something PAID and costs LACS of rupees per year contract . CRISIL is one of the place you can buy from .


    1. Ravi L says:

      Thanks Manish.

  3. Genoa says:

    Association of Mutual Funds (AMFI) provides fund-name, NAV and last update

    Here: http://amfiindia.com/spages/NAV0.txt

    Use Excel to show data – http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/04/18/mutual-fund-portfolio-tracker-using-ms-excel/

    1. Ravi L says:

      Thanks a lot Genoa and Manish. I was wondering if it was available for free, of if not free, at least for a lesser amount.

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