When to submit proof of last-minute investment(s) while e-filing tax return?

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Hello there!

People, can anyone tell me how and when to submit proofs of last-minute investments while e-filing tax return?

I am done with e-filing my tax return, but it never asked me to submit proof of investments I did at last-minute and they were also not accounted in Form-16 prepared by my employer. Although it is showing tax refund amount etc. proper, I don’t know why it didn’t ask me for proof?

Or, do I need to submit the proof with the ITR-V when I will furnish it to IT Dept. ?

Please help.





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  1. Kalyani Tiwari says:

    Hi Manish and Ashal,

    Guys, first of all, thanks to both of you for your timely reply and helping me out.

    Manish – Yes, I declared last-minute investments while e-filing the income tax return.

    Ashal – Thanks again, it answered my query well.


  2. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Kalyani, let me understand your case with an example – Your last minute tax investment of 20K is not shown in your Form 16 against the full limit of 1L Rs. & the original 80K only are there. In this case while filling your ITR form, you w’d have to put in correct data for tax saving in 80C. Instead of 80K from your employer – form 16, you should put in 1L Rs. as balance 20K Rs. were invested by you last minute which is not factored in by your employer.

    No need to submit proof with your ITR-V. Post only ITR – V to CPC Banglore.

    In case IT people demands the proof, show it to your nearest IT office or the office where you were filing your physical ITRs earlier.

    Please feel free to ask/contact me if you need more help. Ask dear Manish for my e-mail id.



  3. Kalyani

    First , you dont need to submit any proof docuemnts . all documents must be stored by you incase something happens in future and need to show it .

    I am not sure if your tax amoun is correct or not ?

    DId you declare the last minute numbers already at the time of giving the returns ?


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