Whats the best way to get my Newborn under Health Insurance ?

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I had taken an insurance policy with Max Bupa with a 24 month waiting post which I would get 3 good benefits

1. Some reimbursement towards delivery expense
2. independent health insurance for the baby from the moment of birth till 1 year.
3. 1st years vaccinations

All the above would be covered from the 25th month of the policy onward. This seemed to be the best option at that time and would have really worked well for me… and I had it all planned.

However, God had other plans and I deliver in the 22nd month of the policy and am missing out on these 3 main benefits for which purpose I had taken this policy.

Please share suggestions on what I can do to have the baby insured from the moment of birth up to a year or two, just incase we need medical assistance on the day of birth and post that for a year or two.

I know I will not get any maternity benefit for the delivery, but my main concern is insuring the baby from the moment of birth till about 2/3 years of age. This is mainly in case the baby needs NICU after birth or in case there is any unexpected hospitalization in the first 2 years of life.

As a parent, I would want to be prepared financially for these unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately my plan with Max Bupa did not go as planned, so trying to see what the best possible option could be at this point.

I deliver in December.

Please suggest.


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  1. Lokesh Jain says:

    Hi Shirinq,

    Well, time waits for no one has come true in your case. 🙂 Anyways, coming to your case, there is only one insurance policy which will cover the newborn from birth for which the link I am sharing below (Starhealth Medi classic). You can directly get in touch with the company representative and ask for the benefits of the policy. It will cover the newborn, but you will have to take a family floater policy again. Though you already have Max Bupa, you will have to again buy a new policy.


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