What to invest in at this time ?

POSTED BY anand ON October 28, 2010 8:53 pm COMMENTS (2)

Thank you for all the knowledge that you are sharing !

I want to start disciplined investing of 10K Rs a month for long term retirement plan (25 years), and another 10 K Rs a month for child education (15 years). Given that stock markets are so high today, would you recommend a SIP in equity or to put some money in debt etc until markets cool off and then get back into equity ?

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  1. Roopesh says:

    You can also do the following, if you are sticking yourself to Stock market.

    1) Pick up some IPO’s that are good in fundamentals. Invest in them. This will ensure that you
    will have very good returns [ though you have to track/redeem them when applicable ].
    2) Invest in large caps [ like INFOSYSTCH, SBIN etc ] which are fundamentally good and has
    proven track record.
    3) Invest in across sectors, than concentrating your funds in one sector. This will help you, in being safe side and reap better returns.

  2. prabeesh says:

    Basic Purpose of SIP is to average out the volatility,so there is no best/worst time to start a SIP,especially when you have a 25 years for you goal.

    Start with good large cap,balanced and mid cap Mutual Funds. Split your 10K accordingly.

    You will get good returns…

    Only when you have Lumpsum investment in MF you should think of stock market level not in SIP.

    Happy Investing.

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