What to do with liquid amount

POSTED BY Jig ON January 5, 2011 10:35 am COMMENTS (4)

I know best investment is SIP in selected funds. But suppose i wana invest 1.5 lac currently where and how to invest? I can prepay for my loan liability for which  i am paying interest of 8.99%. Is there any option to earn more than this by investing lumsum amount?




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  1. Jignesh

    I dont think it would be wise to pre-pay the loan if the interest you are paying is really that low . You can invest the lumpsum amount in Balanced funds through STP route .


    1. jignesh says:

      Yep Manish i am paying this much interest in Other country actually.
      Thanks manish for suggesting the way.



    2. jignesh says:

      Market is down, You will still be with your suggestion of STP or i should invest lumsum once in balanced?

      Quering again as seen an opportunity in market.

      please advice

      1. Jignesh

        You might be mistaking the volatility in markets as being “down” . You should consider markets down only after a prolonged downturn and atleast 30-35% downturn , but because of 5-10% .


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