What is the best medical policy ?

POSTED BY Sanjay Sutar ON December 21, 2010 2:06 pm COMMENTS (2)


I am planning to take a medical insurance, although i am insured from my company.

I want to include my parents coverage also.

Can anyone suggest me any good medical insurance company ?

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  1. jitendra solanki says:


    You can Consider Apollo Munich,Max Bhupa, National Insurance.

    Would suggest take a different policy for your parents.If age above 60, consider senior Citizen Policies.

  2. Ganesh Babu says:

    Surely, we have a good number of experts here! I think the analysis is much deeper and in detail in comparison with mine!!

    But the point still is that ULIPs does not suit all and it is one hell of a difficult product to understand (for the common man). And we are still in an era where premiums are more important than sum assured, and long term is like 5 years!! The premium for a decent sum assured in a ULIP will be prohibitively expensive and could well go above the 80C limit (a psychological imaginary limit, i would say). 6 months into a equity linked product and if the market is down, people consider it as a “loss”. Till collectively our knowledge on these improve and products like ULIPs are simplified (which has improved, by the way), ULIPs are a strict no for most (this is my opinion).

    Another important point to consider is the fund’s (fund house’s) perfromance. More than half the funds that i have come across (in the ULIP category) are underperforming in comparison with the benchmarks and MF peers. It could be that these are conservative in comparison (considering the “long term” nature), but still.

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