What is my Term Plan Sum Assured eligibility ?

POSTED BY vimalvora ON January 7, 2014 10:16 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir,

My Annual Income is Rs.200000 . How much Term insurance i am eligible to get ?




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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vimal, in general you may get 20times yly income term cover easily. So for you the maximum cover may be 40L Rs. as of now. Dependoing upon the internal policy of the insurer it may be higher or lower than this 20 times multiple.



  2. rahulsharma2617 says:

    I agree with Raj, term plan sum assured will depend on the policy you are taking. For me it was 2,50,000. You can even buy it online thereby giving more transparency then ever. Here you can get complete detailed information – http://buyonline.bharti-axalife.com/eProtect/ProductDetails/Index

  3. rajkanwar321 says:

    Well, that will depend on the term plan you will be taking as per your requirement. As far I know from Birla Sun Life Insurance the minimum sum assured for a term plan is 2,00,000. I would suggest to best consult a financial expert regarding the same and if you want to know more about BSLI then check the below link.


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