What is best home loan transfer or reduce interest rate with current bank

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Dear Sir,

Now help me in below situation if possible from your side.

I have taken  loan from Indiabulls housing finance from August 2012 at that time ROI is 10.5% but now the same is 11.0% and when i ask my friends about change of ROI in their loan they said no.And i also search for them  but most of the bank not increase their ROI.

So now i want to transfer my loan to BOB or HDFC home loan both interest are same i.e. 10.25%.

From    Interest Rate(%)

2-Dec-13        11

28-Aug-13       10.9

14-Mar-13       10.4

Loan Type       Rate Based

Sanctioned Loan Amount (in `)   14,71,757

Disbursed Amount (in `) 14,71,757

Installment (in `) 14,643.00

Current Interest Rate (%)       11

Loan Term (Total) in Months     274

Loan Term (Balance) in Months   254

After that indiabulls give me  offer to reduce interest rate from 11.0% to 10.25%.

Charge is -5618

Outstanding amount-1437943


Current interest rate-11%

Tenure in month-253

Tenure in year-21.1

They give me offer

Current interest rate-10.25%

Tenure in month-215

Tenure in year-17.92

I save

Tenure in month-38

Tenure in year-3.17

So please guide me what i do?

Waiting for your favorable response.

Thanks in advance.

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