What decision should I take for my 4 LIC policies ?

POSTED BY Jay ON October 15, 2014 11:16 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear Expert,

I need you valued advice regard LIC policy continual or surrender. I have 4 policy as mentioned below, please advice can I surrender all these policy. I have term policy from SBI life insurence.

Policy start date maturity Amount Paid Insured value Bonus received Surrender Value
Money 08/01/02 08/01/22 79,670 100,000 40,000 31,136
Education 03/01/08 03/01/24 42,953 100,000 Nil 29,043
New 03/01/08 03/01/32 38,544 100,000 Nil 9,086
Komal 01/01/10 01/01/35 38,882 100,000 Nil 24,219


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  1. Dr.Sachin says:

    you may raise your question at ‘ASAN IDEAS FOR WELATH’ group in Fb pls.
    Let us know if it was helfpul. Join your other friends too there. [not a promotion]

  2. Prashant says:

    surrender it …

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