What are the medical tests done for Term insurance and Health insurance plans?

POSTED BY Vivek ON December 22, 2011 6:41 pm COMMENTS (6)

While issuing Term insurance/Health insurance, what tests are conducted by the insurance companies?
Can those who have already gone through the medical tests share their experiences?

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  1. somu says:

    who pay the money for those medical tests for lic either agent or insurance company

    1. Company pays for it !

  2. Tejaswi says:

    I had undergone test for Aviva few months back. They asked to fast for 12 hours.

    The initial test as Asal menitoned was Weight & Height measurement, general physical check up and urine sample.

    But there was no ECG and blood sampling (with 12 Hr fasting to know the sugar level) although, I had specified that my mother has diabetes and father has high BP. However, I did specify that I already have LIC term plan. So I am not sure why they did not carry out these 2 tests.

    In case of LIC around a year back (when I had no term plans), they had taken blood sample in addition to initial tests. But there was no ECG.

  3. kanchan gupta says:

    The tests vary depending on your past records. Different insurance companies have various considerations. Call your insurer and check with them.

  4. Narayan says:

    The tests come into picture depending on the extent of cover that you seek and your age. The need for the test is to evaluate the risk that you pose to the insurer if he were to insure you.
    The medical tests is similar to an executive health check to determine your health status and the typical tests that you will undergo include a physical examination, blood and urine tests to check sugar, lipid profile among others. If the insurer feels there are other risks that you pose based on these results; you may have to undergo a TMT, ECG and body specific X-ray if need be and more.

  5. Dear Vivek, The initial test ‘ll be – Weight & Height measurement, general physical check up, blood sampling (with 12 Hr fasting to know the sugar level), urine sample ECG.

    Depending upon the lab report for blood & urine test, the co. may ask for more tests, like X-rays, TMTs………

    Age ‘ll also be a deciding factor for tests to be done.



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