Wave City Ghaziabad – Layout plan was not approved and builder cheated us !

POSTED BY Sameer Goel ON November 18, 2013 2:45 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish & Team,

I am a regular reader of your forum and several times just because of your valuable financial advices, i have invested my money at different platform.

Friends at this time i also need a suggestion/advise from your side as i am not able to understand what to do in this situation. Actually, i booked a 1BHK in wave city Ghaziabad in the month of April. At the time of booking the builder that is “Wave Infratech” told us that this would be a 14th floor tower and the construction will start after monsoon ans we will receive our flat in the end of 2016. They did not provide any document where all the above things are mentioned.

As per the CLP plan i have deposited 20% of the amount in month of August. After 20%, when i asked them to provide a builder buyer agreement, they are providing certain excuses like in next 10 days, in next 15 days.

Me and my friend who also booked a flat in the same society personally visited their office to know the actual scenario and i was completely in shocked when the wave authorities told us that the project is not approved from the authority yet. There are some problems in their maps and lay outs. Even they are not ready to provide any date for the solution of this problem.

Now, i am completely in dark. As of now around 8 months have been passed, I have completely invested my saving in that project and i dont have a clue when the project will be started and when i received my flat. I have a two copies of receipts of my payments in papers just.

Please suggest me.


Sameer Goel

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  1. rahul123 says:

    1. Best thing is to negotiate with builder, even if you have 10-20% loss. Get your money and get out of the deal.

    2. In case if builder is not ready to negotiate, get a good lawyer, try to group with other affected member and put pressure on builder.

    3. Now days, if you involve media to cover your story, builder will know that you are serious about getting your money back. Because of fear of adverse publicity he may negotiate with you.


  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sameer,

    Increasingly there are many such issues being raised with builders. Recently, a housing scam came to light in Delhi where buyers were duped and flats were sold to more than one person. You can read the details here: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/newdelhi/delhi-banks-turned-blind-eye-buyers-suffered/article1-1152565.aspx#.Uomfn9d79j8.email

    It is advisable to do a thorough background check and keep your legal documents in place before going forward with the purchase. Ensure that your property is only being sold to you.


  3. rockingguy says:

    Gather proper documents, take all those people who were cheated and approach nearest consumer court

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