Want to invest 50K in Mutual fund. For which I should go ?

POSTED BY Chandrakant Sharma ON August 14, 2013 3:01 pm COMMENTS (5)


I want to invest in Mutual fund. Around 50K for this year. This is the first time im investing in MF/SIP. Which is best for long term ? 

Is it the right time to invest in MF/SIP. 



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  1. Vaibhav Goyal says:

    Hi Chandrakant,

    You can refer http://www.valueresearchonline.com to research fund performance.

    But as Ashish mentioned, do make sure you are well-educated about MF investing. All articles are freely available online…simply need to google.

    And before investing in any scheme, try to understand what’s the objective of the scheme, what kind of stocks it will invest etc. Don’t decide ONLY on basis of returns generated by it.

    All the best! 🙂

  2. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Chandrakant,

    If you are looking at long term (say around 7-10 years or may be more) then there is no right or wrong time period to invest and that too when you are looking at SIP route.

    Now that you are investing for the 1st time in MF, I presume you have educated yourself with the fundamentals of investing in mutual funds and the selection of a scheme. If not, then before investing gain some knowledge and afterwards initiate your investment plans.


    1. Chandrakant Sharma says:

      I have some basic knowledge of MF. But bit confused bitween some of the fund house.
      At least want to know about fund which is giving avg returns around 12-15%. Or minimum 12% / year.

  3. BanyanFA says:

    What is your definition of a long term ?

    1. Chandrakant Sharma says:

      3-5 year term.

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