want Rs 1 Cr in Provident fund

POSTED BY koushik roy ON February 17, 2012 9:05 am COMMENTS (4)

My present age is 40 and another 20 years job at hand.

I have 12 lc in my PF account now and want to make it 1 Cr while my retirement.

Can you suggest now onwards, what is the amount should I deduct from my salary.

My present salary is 55K in hand, apart from some other Incentive ,LTA etc.

Thank You
Koushik Roy

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    I agree with Ashal. Voluntary PF is the way to go for if you need higher PF balances. You can go upto 100% of Basic + DA into PF.

    Along with PF, you then get entitled to a Pension (which is not great), but still is a monthly cash flow.


  2. Dear TheZionView, Apart from regular 12% of Basic + DA, one may invest more in PF out of his/her own choice. This is called VPF (Voluntarily Provident Fund) Contribution.

    A lot of person (mainly those who are about to retire in next 3-5 years) in my organization are using the VPF route to increase their retirement kitty.



  3. Dear Koushil Roy, what’s the current PF deduction from your salary & how much is the addition done by your employer?

    Please post the same.



  4. TheZionView says:

    With Jago Investor calculator i arrived at 16000 per month as EPF with assumption of 8.5% interest rate.This was without considering inflation.

    I believe we can only ave 100% of basic as EPF not more than that and we cant include allowance into PF.

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