UTI Contra fund Dividend plan – Should I sell it now ?

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Dear All,

My question is regarding UTI – Contra fund-Dividend plan.This fund performance is very poor.My father bought this in mid 2006 from a agent who plotted its good picture in front of him. He invested in it one time 25000 Rs at that time with NAV unit around Rs 10.22 and alloted around 2444.9 units.But as far as i remember we got two time dividend in it.He bought it on paper not online.

So can you please advise how can he surrender it so that present value amount credited to his account?Is there any online form where he can fill the detail so it will credited to the linked account or physically he has to submit it to some UTI Mutual fund office/branch.

Second another advise how one can know which fund growth fund or dividend fund is better in SIP investment?



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  1. You can just visit CAMS office and fill up a redeemption form or just visit the AMC office in your city and fill up the redemption form . Wait for 3-4 days and money will be credited to your account.

    Read this article I wrote long back –


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