Unable to generate Income Tax Certification in SBI MaxGain Account

POSTED BY Prashant Cool ON January 14, 2014 7:36 pm COMMENTS (11)

Dear All,

When I try to generate my Income Tax Certification related to SBI MaxGain Account, I get the following message:

You do not have any housing loan accounts. If you have a Maxgain account, it will not be visible here, but under Transaction Accounts. Housing Loan Interest Certificate for Maxgain is not available online.

Has anybody generated his Income Tax Certification online ? I don’t want to visit branch for this simple thing to do. When logged a call on SBI Customer Care, they asked me to visit branch.

Can anybody help ?



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  1. BK says:

    For SBI MaxGain Home loan (OD account) accounts ,there is no option to generate Home loan Interest certificate or Provisional certificate online.
    This is because the Banking software treats the MaxGain as an overdraft account and not as Home loan account.It says there are no Housing loan accounts present when we try to generate the Interest certificate.
    The OD account is activated i.e. I can move in and move out money from the account.The Loan amount is also fully disbursed.

    Still if anyone is there who is having SBI Maxgain Home loan and able to generate the Interest certificate online?If so what needs to be done?

    Is there any thing that can be done to report this to SBI and rectify this issue in their banking software ?

    1. I think you should report this to SBI griveiance section

  2. DearRupee says:

    I have SBI Max Gain Home Loan and im able to download Provisional Interest statement online.

  3. Prashant Cool says:

    Dear nsabhyankar,

    First thanks for your comments which made me smile. 🙂

    I hope this is not the last time I get such certificate from them quickly.

    I had raised a query using customer care option on internet banking.
    They told me to contact bank and provided some numbers.
    Those numbers were not working. So, I raised another query saying that numbers are not working and provide me the certificate. Then I got the same emailed from Bank which is having proper stamp and sign.

    Of course, Bank will provide “provisional certificate” now. I guess we can ask the actual certificate only after the year end i.e. March 2014.

    When I asked them previous year certificate, they said it’s not possible to get it now.
    For that, I may have to visit branch.

  4. nsabhyankar says:

    Dear Prashant,

    SBI really surprises you sometimes with their service. Even I got a MaxGain account statement 2 years back with complete details of ROI change etc. after I put in a related query through netbanking. However, that was the first and only time I received such a statement.

    Could you please share exactly how you asked for the interest certificate? Did you call a customer care number, sent a mail or made a request on netbanking?
    Does the certificate have any signature or bank seal?

  5. Prashant Cool says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for the clarification.

  6. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Prashant, for possession in Nov 2013, you can claim interest from April 13 to March 14 within the over all limit of 1.5L Rs. if the property is self occupied and full interest if property is on rent.

    Yes you can ask for prev. certificates also.

    The interest benefit for prev. years’ ‘ll be restricted to 20% for the gross interest from for 5 FY along with regular interest benefit. For self occupied property the limit of 1.5L Rs. ‘ll be there for new interest and carry over but for rented property no limit.



  7. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Prashant, in case of Max Gain, SBI does not provide online Interest certificate. You w’d have to collect the same from your loan serving branch.



    1. Prashant Cool says:

      Dear Ashal,

      Thanks for the reply. Surprisingly, they sent me via email after requesting through customer care helpdesk.

      I have another query about this:

      If I got the possession in Nov. 2013, I guess I can claim interest part only for Nov. 2013 to March 2014. What about my previous interest part ?

      My Home Loan EMI started from August 2011.

      How can I claim interest for the period from August 2011 to Oct. 2013 ?
      Can I ask them the Income Tax Certificates of previous years also ?

    2. Ganga says:

      Hello Ashal,

      Sorry my question in not related to this article. But, I didn’t find the way to raise new question…

      My query:

      SBI has introduce new Risk grade system and depending upon risk grade they are assigning low interest rates.

      Could you please explain me this Risk grade system?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

    3. ANUP says:

      hi ansal,
      i don’t think that is the case, i am having Max-gain account and use to see my Home loan Interest certificate till September 2017 but now it seems they have disabled the feature .i don’t know why sbi is providing the link when they don’t able to update the same.

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