Too complicated case of EPF transfer , please help me on this ?

POSTED BY mittal01 ON July 12, 2014 8:23 am ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish,

This is Sushil Mittal, I need your help regarding PF transfer, its bit complicated case, request you to please spare 2 min for me to help

I worked for Ericsson, Uninor, Idea and now i am with Aircel. When i was with Uninor then i applied pf transfer from Ericsson to Uninor. Similarly when i joined Idea i applied for PF transfer from Uninor to Idea. it means in Idea PF i should get (Ericsson PF and Uninor PF amount). but only uninor PF was transferred, because till that time Ericsson PF was not transferred to uninor PF account. now while with Aircel , i follow up with uninor PF team and with their support i able to trace the Ericsson PF amount and it was credited to my Uninor PF account.

Now i have applied for withdrawal of money from Uninor PF account and it was rejected with reason that \”Since you have transfer the amount to other PF(idea PF) account, you can only transfer the amount to that account. when i applied for transfer of the same, it was again rejected.

Please help me to come out with this situation. please let me know how i can get this money.

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  1. Kshitij_Peter says:

    So, is it that you have Ericsson and Uninor PF transferred to Idea and now you want to transfer Idea PF to Aircel?

    If yes, just check you online EPF statement. Is the transfer reflected there. If its not reflected, you can register a grievance at

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