Thank You (Not related to personal finance)

POSTED BY Biswa Singh ON October 22, 2012 3:30 pm COMMENTS (2)

“Thank You” is something very difficult to say for an Indian. I go through the forum queries and see may be one in ten take that pain to come back and say a “Thank You”. People take valuable suggestions and advices from unknow people in the forum for no charges but can not compliment it.

I think saying a “Thank You” does more than appreciation in this forum. It indicates that you understood the answer to your queries. This will be really satisfying for the replier and motivate him to answer more queries.

Guys is it so difficult to say it?

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  1. Dear Biswa, thanks for acknowledging all the efforts we are taking to answer all queries in the forum.



  2. Yes, I think thats a valid thing . Anyone who is answered should better acknowledge the person who answered it . Other wise slowly people will lower the replies.

    Please make a note of this point .


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