Term insurance with CI Rider or individual policies

POSTED BY Praveen Bondugula ON January 25, 2013 4:22 pm COMMENTS (5)

I am planning to take a term insurance policy. I also want to have Critical illness as rider or seperate policy. Which option is better, to have CI as rider or seperate policy.

What are Online term plans offering CI rider(considering online policies have low premiums)?

Also, let me know the list of Critical illness standalone policies available in the market both offline and online.

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  1. Dear Amar, do you know, in case of CI policies purchased from General Insurers can be claimed multiple times (if you survived the first claim), whereas in case of CI rider, the claim can be filed only once & after this payment, you can not revive this CI rider, even if you are ready to pay the prem. There is more to it, the Terms & Condition of these riders are more tough than standalone CI policies.

    Please do not go by my words & check on your own by clarifying this with one of your insurer.



  2. amar ante says:

    Dear Ashal,
    Why should not combine CI with Pure term insurance online? It locks premium for the entire term. Does it multiply base premium also? What is its side effect? If we combine both, management becomes easy, isn’t it? And offline mode for CI policy suggested? please explain.

  3. Dear Praveen, you may purchase CI plan from either PSU insurers or pvt. insurers like Bajaj, Max Bupa, ITGI, Apollo.



  4. Dear Praven in case of CI, please opt the offline standalone policies from general insurers. No online plans here.

    Please go for plain vanilla online term plans from life insurers.



    1. Praveen Bondugula says:

      Thanks Ashal.
      I am planning to take one of Aegon Religare Iterm, Aviva i-Life, Bharti Axa e-Protect plans.
      Please suggest the CI plans which i need to consider.


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