Term Insurance with CI & ADB Rider

POSTED BY amitm79 ON January 9, 2012 10:45 pm COMMENTS (3)

Which is the best term insurance plan covering CI and ADB rider? I am looking for 50L death benefit, max CI and ADB rider. I have a BSLI HNI plan already. Is it still a good choice?


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  1. Dear Amit, please do not get confused yourself for CI rider policy with mediclaim.

    Both are different things.

    The mediclaim policy ‘ll reimburse the hospital expenses up to the sum assured level.

    CI policy ‘ll provide the lump sum pay out again based up on the sum assured chosen by you at the time of purchase. In case of CI, only the diagnose of the CI is enough to file a claim. o matter you are actually treating yourself or not for that CI.



  2. amitm79@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks for the reply Ashal. I agree on your comment on ADDB rider. I still have other thoughts on CI rider. In case of life insurance, I will get one time lump some. In case of health insurance, I will get only to the extent of hospitalization. My intent is to have health insurance as well as CI rider on life insurance.

  3. Dear Amit, why do you want to mix the gen. ins. needs with life insurance needs?

    Please purchase plain vanilla term plan for life ins. needs & personal accident & CI policy from gen. insurer.

    Why? Sample this – you met an accident, survived & made a claim –

    1.Your ADDB rider in term cover ‘ll provide the claim amount & ‘ll cease to exist & you can’t revive it again even if you are ready to pay prem. for it.

    2. Your PAP purchased from Gen. insurer, ‘ll provide the cover & can be renewed again, similar to your mediclaim policy.

    Same is the case for CI rifer.

    Now please do tell me what ‘ll you prefer.



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