Term Insurance from same provider

POSTED BY vazzy ON October 2, 2010 11:44 am COMMENTS (3)


Can we take 2 different term insurances for oneself from the same insurance provider (say one for 15 laks and one some time after for 20 laks)?.  Tx in advance.

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  1. Pardeep goel CFP AIII says:

    yes one can buy insurance of any amount. Only restriction is that your amount of insurance and total premium you paying should match with your annual income.

    Happy Investing

  2. gkdoda says:

    Yes, you can take. The insurance company may ask for your income proof & health checkups, in case of increase in premium.

    Also, you might have to pay higher premium in 2 policies rather than 1 policy on combined S.A. Again, it depends upon age & the insurance company mortality charges.

    Hope it will Help You.

    1. vazzy says:

      Yes it did… tx very much!

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