Term Insurance: Aviva i-Life Vs SBILife eShield

POSTED BY Ramkumar ON April 28, 2013 8:35 am COMMENTS (16)

Hello Folks,

I am looking for a term insurance for my wife who is a working women. After looking at many plans, I have now decided 2 plans. One is Aviva iLife(Here is the Aviva’s Brochure) and the another one is SBI eShield(Here is the SBI eShield’s Brochure).

Now I am confused as to which one to select out of these too. Need your valuable opinion in this regard. Thanks in advance.

Other Details:


  • Wife’s Age -> 29 Yrs.
  • Income -> 12L PA
  • Term Insurance Value -> 1 Cr
  • Aviva’s Quote for 30 years -> 7000+
  • SBI eShield’s Quote for 30 years -> 9000+  


I have read the brochures of both the companies and found the terms are almost same except for the cause of death. While Aviva covers any type of death(except suicide in an year from the date of policy issued), SBI doesn’t cover deaths due to War, Civil commotion, Infection, Drug Abuse, Nuclear Contamination, revolution, etc…. 

Hope I have given all the details required to give your valuable input. Thanks again.



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  1. piyush says:

    what are provisions for term insurance for student who has only rental income

    1. I think it will be tough to get term insurance unless you show income proof !

  2. sukumar says:

    Which is the best term insurance ploicy ,i m confused ,What type of death cover sbi life e sheild . I am police service man, my duty is different type low n order maintian

    1. Take a normal term cover, but once you mention to them that you are in Police, they will ask you more details and share if they want to accept your proposal or not

  3. Amol says:

    But whom do you trust will be present after 30- 35 Years ? SBI or Aviva ?

  4. Analist says:

    While Aviva covers any type of death(except suicide in an year from the date of policy issued), SBI doesn’t cover deaths due to War, Civil commotion, Infection, Drug Abuse, Nuclear Contamination, revolution, etc

    This is misleading, SBI only exclude the above for Accidental Death rider. For Example. Sum Assured is 50 Lakh with Accidental death rider is 50 Lakh. In ccase of death as a result of the above exclusions list, your family will get only 50 Lakh (basic sum assured regardless of the cause of death).

  5. Dear Ramkumar, you are not hurting me. I’m here to discuss the issues faced by all of you. coming back to business. From your thinking process, if you are not alive before she turns 60 & still there are some financial liabilities open, it indicates that financial planning was not doen properly. How & Why? if you are no more, it indicates there should be sum assured received from your own term cover. Also all these years, both of you were earning, So coulped with your sum assured + earnings & savings there on. do you really feel, financial liabilities ‘ll remain open?

    Think over it.



  6. Ramkumar says:

    Ashal – Hope I did not annoy/hurt you. Sorry, if that was the case.


  7. Ramkumar says:

    Certainly not!

    Here is what my thought process was..

    1. What if after 60 years, she still has some financial obligation particularly if I am not there until her 60!!

    2. If she doesn’t want, she will just have to discontinue the policy after 60.. I want the option (till 35 years)to be open/avialable for her whether I am there or not.. Hope it is too much to ask for.

    Btw, You don’t have to slap so hard to point out the mistake(in this case it was not a mistake I strongly believe as I was considering the above points)..

    Finally, They say “no question is stupid if asked”!!!


  8. Dear Ramkumar, on a serious note – do you want that before turning 64 age, (35Y from now), your wife should die anyhow, so that you can claim & get those 1Cr. Rs. & thus you are able to earn a profit from the policy? You can answer this on your own & act accordingly.



  9. Ramkumar says:


    I have decided to go with Aviva.

    Got another doubt though. The term I have selected is for 30 years. But the frnds as well as the Aviva guy is telling us to go for 35 years.. The money difference between 30 and 35 terms are just about 40Rs per annum. They say now I should take for 35 years and at the end of 30 years, if I dont want to continue the policy I ll just have to discontinue the policy….

    I told them I wud get back to them after discussing here. Can I take the above suggestion and go ahead?

    Thanks a lot in advance. Looking for ur valuable inputs.


  10. Ramkumar says:

    Thank you all..

  11. Good to see an insurer specify what is not not covered clearly . Death by such modes are quite rare. roadside accidents are way way more common. So it not such a great point against SBI

    incidentally this ‘Suicide’ in the first year is not as obvious as everyone thinks.

    depending on the insurer (SBI incl) death related to drinking and driving, drug and alcohol overdose will also come under suicide.

    Choose someone comfortable, be honest in applying. All that one can do.

  12. Syamantak says:

    go for the one, that covers you for any types of death. no one can chose their preferred method of dying, so why to go for an insurance which forces you for a “choose-or-lose” ?

  13. Dear Ramkumar, in terms of types of death covers, AVIVA is better than SBI. For your information, I’m already holding a term cover from Aviva for myself.



  14. Syamantak says:

    Now you know, why you should not be buying SBi 🙂

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