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POSTED BY Sasikumar Udhayakumar ON August 14, 2012 2:28 pm COMMENTS (3)

My wife has worked in Germany from 12 Sep 2011 till 23-Dec-2011 on her deputation .For Sep,Oct,Nov months though she has worked at onsite tax was deducted at Indian salary expect Dec month.when we checked with company they asked as to file IT according to get the refunds.Can anyone please suggest how to file Tax online in this case.Is it possible for her to get the tax paid during the onsite work period.


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  1. Dear Sasikumar, the Indian salary is indeed taxable. Only the allowances received by her for her stay during Germany to meet out expenses there are tax free.



  2. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having FD’s in SBH and I am earning interest on above FD’s more than Rs. 10,000/-, I have submitted the Form 15G to the bank for the FY 2011-12, But recently we came to know from the bank they have deducted the TDS on interest income @ 20% and It is understand from bank they have misplaced the Form 15G they have not updated in their records. In this regard we have approached the bank for refund of the deducted TDS in reply they have told they will issue Form 16A with that I have to file IT return for 2011-12 to get the refund, I have verified in Form 26AS but the deduction TDS amount not reflected in that. My doubt is if I file IT return for 2011-12 (AY2012-13) can I get the refund my salary income and Interest income put together below taxable limits only.

    Please give your valuable reply

    thanking you sir

    1. Dear Vijay kumar, strange but true, this 20% TDs rate indicates that your PAN is not updated in your bank account & FD. So first of all please update your PAN & then ask your bank to rectify the TDS return filed by them so that this 20% TDS can be notified in form 26As in your PAN.

      In the mean time, you should file your return as the last date is approaching.

      By the way are you eligible for Form 15G filing? Please check & ensuyre that your income from all sources is not more than 1.8L Rs. for FY 2011-2012 if you are male under age 60 & 1.9L for female under age 60.



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