Taking Home Loan on Fixed Deposit to buy 2 houses

POSTED BY dineshkummar ON October 31, 2013 9:30 am COMMENTS (4)


I have 60 Lacs in FD, I am planning to buy two houses for 26lac & 26 Lacs. Please suggest me how can I go, I dont want to pay the 52 lacs at one shot….Guys need your advice


S. dhinesh Kumar

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  1. manishbehl581 says:

    Hi dhinesh, I would suggest that you take home loan to buy your house as you can get the desired amount and can also pay it back later. I recently bought Home loans from Pnb Housing Finance limited and got housing finance at low interest rates.

  2. willsonalice01 says:

    Hi dhinesh, You deserve only the best home loan deal for your dream house.Its wise to take home loans of the amount required and then pay off from your salary or any suitable source. In that case you wont feel the burden of paying the entire amount at once.I recently took home loan from Punjab national bank and got a very low interest. I would recommend you the same.

  3. dineshkummar says:

    Hi ,
    My question as below :
    (1) How to reduce/minimal the tax from my FD interest ?
    (2) In which ratio I can buy house (means) 1:2 (FD Amount : Houses) ?
    (3) I don’t want to use any of other income to my house loan, so for this what is best option I can use to buy house ?

    Thanks in Advance,
    S. Dhinesh Kumar

  4. Then you will have to take a loan . Other wise you need to pay the money , right ?

    I am not sure what exactly you wanted advice on ? May be you can be more clear !


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