Switching from SBI max gain to IDBI interest saver wise decision?

POSTED BY tripathy_4 ON October 4, 2014 9:35 am NO COMMENTS

I have a homeloan for 30Lakh under SBI Max gain from Nov2011 and yet to be disburshed fully as the project got delayed.

It had the terms on interest rate as Base rate+0.5% (including a concession of 0.25%). Now the base rate is 10 and I am paying interest @10.75% (10+.5+.25 for max gain account).

As the loan is not disburshed fully the OD account is not operative and I am not parking my surplus amount since it will not have liquidity.

Simillar option is available with IDBI interest saver scheme where interest rate is lower and the linked current account can be operated even before full disburshment of loan amount to builder. Present IDBI home loan is 10.4% (Base rate 10.25+0.15). Charges to maintain current account the tell as nil. Is it wise to change over to IDBI or ask SBI for one time reset of interest rate which is Base rate+0.15%?

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