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POSTED BY Rekha ON April 6, 2013 5:43 am COMMENTS (3)

I currently have ICICI Prudential tax plan Growth and HDFC long term Advantage Dividend which was started purely for tax purposes. Please suggest some MFs for me. Is it advisable to go for monthly mode or one time/year. To meet a higher education/marriage amount after 15 years, how many years I have to keep investing in MF.  

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  1. Dear Rekha, as you are in contract kind job, how much can you invest now in a single lump sum?



  2. First you need to calculate how much is needed for investing each depending on your goal target.

    See how much of this amt goes into the ELSS funds. These funds can be part of your goal. Please stop future investments in dividend option. Instead you could simply start investing in a balanced fund like HDFC balanced and put some amt in a debt product like PPF.
    If dividends are declared in future be sure to invest it again in the PPF or balanced fund.

  3. Reka S says:

    Also please consider the fact that the nature of my employment is on contract basis and might not continue for the whole tenure of 15 yrs.

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