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Do you think that STP (Debt à Equity) is better than SIP if you have some lump sum amount to invest? I am already doing STP in QMF (QLF –> QLTEF). Can you please suggest 2/3 funds (preferably HDFC/ICICI), where I can start STP, from Debt à Equity?  



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  1. Dear Sumit, the debt funds in these 2 AMCs ‘ll be as below

    HDFC – HDFC Cash Management Saving Plus Retail Direct

    IPru – ICICI Pru Flexible Income Direct



  2. Dear Sumit, on the basis of return generated by debt fund over SB account, yes STP is better than SIP. For Eq. funds from the AMCs you are asking for, my choice is –

    From HDFC opt either eq. or Top 200
    From IPru opt either Focussed Bluechip or Discovery.



    1. Sumit says:

      Thanks for your reply Ashal, you (or any one) want to suggest any other STP funds from other AMCs?

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