Stolen credit card was misused – How to tackle this issue

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Someone stole my purse in 2009 & I had 2 credit cards in it(SBI & ICICI).

I called the customer care of both banks & asked them to cancel these cards. While ICICI cancelled my card immediately. But SBI card didn’t cancelled immediately  due to which around Rs.16,000 was misused. After that SBI customer care asked me to provide police complaint of the lost card , which I have provided them.I sent several mails to SBI customer & called their customer care about status but there was no reply from their side. After 4 years their legal team called me saying I have a due of Rs.30,000 , when I explained them the case & they are asking me to pay Rs 12,000 for settlement & they provide NOC to me. Kindly guide me what I need to to in this case?



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  1. Hemanth says:

    If you have the mails and the complaint numbers if any that u have filed with SBI at the time of closing, I would advice you to escalate this issue to Banking ombudsman.

    If it is settled, then that will be treated as negative remark in your CIBIL report. So, get this issue resolved by ombudsman and get NOC with cleared status.

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