Starting with Mutual Funds

POSTED BY Gaurav Joshi ON February 6, 2013 6:42 pm COMMENTS (4)

Firts of all, I have gone through Jaggoinvester website. it’s sounds intresting and very helpful to everyone. Great thing i observed that, answers to all questions are very prompt. Hats of you guys!

I am s/w engineer, 29 years old, married, lived in pune.

I have never ever invested in Mutual Funds till date. now i would like to invest in to it for 3-5 years. I would like to go for monthly SIP plans which will give maximum and fixed returns.
suggest me which is better Equity or Debt or Mixed mode(% wise as well?).

And please tell me  the process to sell/buy/monitor my invetments through online, if possible give web url as well for investing online. where should i go? which documents will require to register in SIP? is there any agents available for this process? DO i need to tie up with any online portal?
sorry for this basic questions but i’m new into this.


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  1. Dear Gaurav, Please do not invest in MFs for 1 month or next 2 months. Please postpone your investment decision. Please use the search option in the forum to pin point the queries similar to you asked by people in the past. You are not the first one or last one asking such things. Before investing your money, invest your time.

    As you are a S/W guy, please use google effectively for your own benefit.

    in case you feel, all of us are preaching you to much & not helping by direct spoon feeding, please hire a paid financial planner for yourself. the paid one ‘ll take care of both, your knowledge regarding personal finance as well as your money. 🙂



  2. Gaurav Joshi says:

    thanks to both of you..

  3. You can use this step by step guide to select MFs

    ps. Ramesh’s answer is valid for almost every category of personal finance!

  4. Ramesh says:

    If you are new, it is not a problem.

    Just go through various threads in this forum, read up, and get yourself a basic knowledge. Then if you do not understand something, ask.

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