Star or Apollo Munich Health insurance

POSTED BY badvinz ON November 25, 2011 3:37 pm COMMENTS (9)

With a recent visit to and comparing health insurances, I cant decide if I have to go with Star or Apollo Munich (AM).
For the same insurance coverage, AM is a bit expensive than Star.
Can you suggest me something here?

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  1. Prashant says:


    Star health is better then Apollo . star have huge hospital network 7950 . star’s presence in small cities also

    1. Thanks for your comment Prashant

    2. murali says:

      Star Health insurance many more conditions there but apollo munich no conditions

      1. Thanks for your comment murali

  2. Sam says:


    In Apollo Munich Insurance , is it possible to use other network hospital even if Apollo is available in the same locality?

  3. badvinz says:

    Hi jitendra / DP,
    Thanks for this info… will look it up…

  4. DP says:

    Moreover, apart from money, you should also look forward to network hospitals, claims settlement ratio, etc. to finalize your health insurance company.

  5. jitendra solanki says:

    Star has very high sublimits which may be a drawback in case of higher claims.Due to sam e reason it has one of the cheapest premiums.

    Apollo Munich since do not have any sublimits will be useful in case you intend to go for a lower SA.

    If premium is not your criteria then choose Apollo Munich

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