Stamping and Franking charges on Home Loan top-up for woodworks

POSTED BY sushil Kumar ON February 19, 2015 4:28 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish & team,

I am have been approved a home loan of Rs.24,00,000 (24 lakhs) from SBI. SBI has deducted 0.1% stamp duty for documentation and 0.1% franking charges after registration of property. After Registration i have applied for top-up loan of Rs.8,00,000 (8 Lakhs) and it is sectioned recently by Bank. Now as per SBI i need to go for stamping on total loan amount i.e. 32 Lakhs (24 Lakhs Home Loan + 8 Lakhs Top-up Loan) as combined it crossed 25 lakhs limit. But the franking amount Rs.2400 of Rs. 24 Lakhs home loan amount i have already paid to government. Now franking on Rs.8 Lakhs newly sanctioned amount only i should pay.

When i asked at Sub-Registrar office then person tells that franking done by BANK will not be considered and now the property Registration (0.1%) and Stamping Cost (01.%) again i have to do for same property. i.e. Rs.3200/- for registration and Rs.3200/- for stamping.

My question is that
(1.) both loan is different one is “home loan” and other is Top-up loan for interiors (Wood works) so why SBI is adding both. Both loan is separately processed and both are having different loan number.

(2.) As already i have paid Stamp duty and franking charges on Rs.24 Lakhs so I should pay franking/stamping only for top-up loan i.e. Rs.800/- on Rs.8 Lakhs Top-up loan either to Bank of at Sub-Registrar office. Why shall i pay again stamp duty on Total property cost and why shall i re-register and pay?

Please advice.

Sushil Kumar

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  1. vikrantrao says:

    Did you pay franking charges by cash or chq? Can franking be done individually?

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