Spouse as Co-applicant for home loan, but not having Marriage certificate.

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Hi Guys, I am facing a problem, i have applied for home loan, with co-applicant as wife, but the problem now I am facing is regarding the name of my name, she is having her surname as her old one in all the documents, and also I do not have marriage certificate as of now.

As I am in hurry for my home loan (else the builder will charge extra interest, if the loan disbursment gets delayed), so I can not wait for the marriage certificate to come.

Someone told me that I can affix an affidevit on this behalf that She is my wife and i want to make her as co-applicant in for home loan for xyz property. I searched over internet, but could not find any specific format for the same.

Can anyone help on this?


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  1. Kapil says:

    Hi there,

    I am also facing the same problem. My wife’s all documents are in her parental name other than Voter ID Card and we don’t have marriage certificate also. Will an affidavit from notary will work? If yes, send me the format for that please if anyone has. She already has SBI account with her parental name. Will changing name in that account work?
    Please suggest.

    Kapil Taneja

    1. I think if you dont have the marriage certificate there is still an issue because you cant prove the marriage . Why dont you get the marriage certificate ?

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Pankaj, thanks for the update.



  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Pankaj, you are doing right for HDFC bank name change. Once it’s done. SBI ‘ll accept the HDFC bank account statement as proof. so problem ‘ll be solved.



    1. pankajgaud80 says:

      Thanks Ashal.
      SBI accepted the bank account statement. Now they have open the account.
      Thanks once again for your guidance.

  4. pankajgaud80 says:

    Thanks Ashal,
    The problem is that we made all the document and loan sanction for my wife with new surname (After marriage) and she has an account in hdfc bank with local address proof But surname before marriage. SBI is ready to open the account if we produce the bank statement with changed surname. For this HDFC bank asked to give a affidavit for name change (after marriage) and same will be published in any newspaper. Than they will change the name. So right now I am doing the same. Will it create any problem in future?

  5. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Pankaj, for the given situation, please contact any advocate in your nearby area and prepare the notorized affidavit you were asking for in your original query. it’s a common affidavit and the same ‘ll be available with any advocate. Before opting this, please check with SBI people that they ‘ll accept it or not.



  6. curiousraj says:

    My wife is also co-applicant for my home loan. I was not asked for any proof of marriage. Moreover she was not having any bank account at that time, no address proof, no identity proof.

    But I had hired an agent with 4% of commission. Loan is in govt bank (not State Bank)

  7. pankajgaud80 says:

    Hi Ashal,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I cannot use this account address in another branch because they do not provide the pass book.
    Is it possible to add my wife’s name in my existing SBI account?

    1. pankajgaud80 says:

      Ok. I got your point. But it will take some days and again the address proof problem in another bank.

  8. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Pankaj, please open wife’s another account in some other bank and use this account as address proof in SBI. Alternatively, just add her name into your existing SBI account.



  9. pankajgaud80 says:

    Hi I am also facing the similar problem. We (me and my wife) have taken loan from SBI. My wife is a primary holder and I am co applicant. The loan has been approved with all the verification and sanction. We have also done the loan agreement with SBI and completed all the formalities.
    Now the problem starts. I have SBI account but my wife does not have any account in SBI (that I already inform to SBI RACPC during documentation). After 3 days of documentation we received a call from SBI RACPC that as my wife is primary applicant so she needs a SBI account. We want to SBI Branch and opened the account. We have submitted my wife’s HDFC bank’s account statement as address proof. But the surname on that account is before marriage. Now all the document of my wife has my surname. SBI open the account gave account kit. My wife deposit 1000 in her account. But today (after 4 days) she received a call from SBI bank that the address proof is not valid. We cannot open your account. Please give the local address proof with your current surname. Even they refuse to open a joint account with me. As I have all the document required.
    She does not have any local address proof. We don’t have marriage certificate. But she has the Aadhar card in which clearly mentioned my name as husband name. But Adhar card has our native address.
    Now I am clue less what to do?
    Please help me

  10. Jagdish Gahlot says:

    Thanks @justgrowmymoney for our quick response. Yes i do not stay in the city where i got married. But yea i think i have to go to some lawyer in this case.

  11. I dont know how much of a hurry you are in but getting a marriage certificate takes usually less than 1 week – ofcourse- unless you dont stay in the same city as you got married when it can cost travel time.

    Consult a good lawyer – they would have several standard formats and help getting the affidavit done much easily. Your marriage invitations and photos are a must. The more the better.

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