SIP Portfolio Feedback – 12 funds total

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I have following SIP Mutual Fund Portfolio, Commited to invest for next 10 year  Rupee 75000 per month.

S.No Fund Amount
1 Birla Frontline Fund 12000
2 DSPBR 100 Equity 1500
3 Franklin Bluechip 5000
4 Franklin Primaplus 5000
5 FT US Feeder 2000
6 HDFC Balanced 7000
7 HDFC MidCap 5000
8 ICICI Bluechip 12000
9 ICICI Dynamic 7000
10 ICICI US Bluechip 2000
11 Reliance Opportunity 3500
12 Quantum Long Term Equity 13000

Selected mix of Large and Mid Cap funds, also selected 2 Global Funds to give diversity to the portfolio. Please advise if i need to do any changes in that



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  1. Viswanath says:

    Hi Jagjit,

    I am not an expert, but an avid reader of this forum. Below is what I understood before starting to invest in MFs.
    If you are planning to hold for 10 years- better select 3 to 4 funds depending on how you want to spread it out between large cap & mid cap equity.
    Do a regular performance check – every 12-16 months.
    If you feel, any of the funds you have opted – does not even meet the benchmark figures, try to switch to a better one available.
    When you are in the 7th year (check if you are getting expected returns) and slowly migrate/switch towards Balanced for 1 year and then to Debt funds to safeguard the returns.

    I hope others in this forum would also have same opinion.

  2. Divya says:

    Hi Jagjit

    If your portfolio has more than 6 to 8 funds, you lose the benefit of diversification. Most financial advisers recommend not to have more than 6 to 8 funds. You need to carefully choose your funds based on your situation and the goals in life. I also agree with Syamantak that a lot of mutual funds have a common underlying base. Think about the funds you need and throw out the others. Good luck.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jasjit, why did you stop at 12 funds only? Why are you not making the list longer to 24 or 36 funds? Please think over it.



  4. Syamantak says:

    Please do a little work yourself. Try to find out how different is your underlying stocks. You would be surprised to know that many of your MFs are having a common portfolio base.
    Apart from valueresearch, you may use Pattu’s calculator to compare the portfolio of your MFs (

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