Shubh Nivesh as a retirement Plan – The agent is behind me for this ?

POSTED BY Va-mana ON October 15, 2014 11:35 am COMMENTS (4)


SBI agent is behind me to sign up for Shubh Nivesh where I pay 100000 for 7 years and he is guaranteeing it to be at about 11lakhs. If I sign up for the retirement benefits out of it, I will get about 9.2k per month till my life time and same amount to my nominee (say my wife) till her life time and after we both the amount 11lakh goes to the third nominee, which may be my son/daughter.

Is this true? I do not have much knowledge on this, but this looks too good!

Please suggest if this is true and I can go for it.





4 replies on this article “Shubh Nivesh as a retirement Plan – The agent is behind me for this ?”

  1. santy221 says:

    Read it by yourself from here:

    Ask you agent to explain it from the site. He will be exposed!!

  2. Dr.Sachin says:

    Do not join any plan which has the term ‘retirement’ in it for you retirement purposes. It can fetch u max of 4-5% returns

  3. Sonal R Patel says:

    Think, whether the 9.2k is sufficient for your family after your retirement?


  4. Hemanth says:

    Ask him to give the same in writing that u will get the said benefits…. If he is ready, go for it…. else u understood what it means

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