Should we sell our property because of my father’s illness and money issues ?

POSTED BY ishasethi ON January 24, 2014 12:13 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Manish & Nandish

I am from Faridabad. My father recently got very ill and is still undergoing treatment. He was the sole earner of our house. We are planning to rent his shop but all my relatives are suggesting to sell and earn interest on that money, because of so many rent scams.

We have money for his treatment. And we also have house rental income. But recently one of our rental shops too got vacated. My brother is in his final semester and has got a job. I am myself looking for one. But my relatives are very persistent and my parents too are getting inclined  towards their view point. They are asking how are my parents gonna marry me off and stuff like that after my father’s treatment. (he doesn’t have health insurance but that is another issue).

My brother and I think that we should not because it is now impossible to create assets nowadays. Luckily my father has made a few and I don’t want him to sell those off. I want to know whether it is advisable to sell it now because I think we will be able to manage through our saved money.

PS I probably know this is not a finance problem but I will be extremely grateful to you if you help my family out.

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  1. divya.advisor says:

    if you do not need money why sell your assets. Please also think why are your relatives forcing you to sell! do they have any motive or buy it cheap from you?

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Isha, from your query, it seems you people have enough money as of now to pay your father’s medical bills as well as to run the family. In the given situation, please do not opt to sell. Ask your parents to stay put with the shops. Let the time pass. Your brother and you can make thibngs happen for your family. I do have faith in both of you. Carry on with your WILL power.



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