Should I take health cover other than my employer ?

POSTED BY Abhi ON January 20, 2014 1:31 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi ,

My query is on family medical insurance. I am working for one of the major IT service provider in India and as per their policy my family is covered with health insurance from mediassist. My question is is it advisable to have a health insurance for family on and above the existing one. If yes, then any good medical insurances you can suggest?




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  1. rahul123 says:

    Hi Abhi,

    Sibin is right! Now days, medical expenses are increasing at much higher rate than the inflation. You need not to take a large cover (but for a family of 3) separate cover of at least 3 lakh is advisable.

    If you switch your job, please increase the health cover as per the new employers policy.


  2. Sibin says:

    Hi Abhi,
    I would suggest you to get separate cover. Reasons are
    1. You may switch job, during the switching period from one company to another you wont be having a the company provided cover. Also there wont any guarantee that new company will provide health insurance cover.
    2. Company policy can change at any time, who knows the company cover will be available in future or not.
    3. Taking separate cover now rather than waiting for company health insurance cease to exist will help you to avoid the restriction of waiting periods.

    Note: This is based on my experience. I am also working in IT industry 🙂


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